If you love romances (like I do!) then you’re always on the hunt for your next good book. Something you can spend hours getting lost in. Banter mixed in with steamy heat and a lot of melting heart moments.

My job as an author is to write all of that… but about main characters with names like Sandeep.



Why am I fake-dating this hot, grumpy billionaire? Blame it on cake!

My horrible landlord just kicked me out of my apartment. All my dreams of making it as a chef in this city are ruined—until my grumpy boss offers me his luxury penthouse kitchen. The price? Living with Luke Abbot, the steely-eyed devil in a seven thousand dollar business suit.

He wants us to fake-date so he looks like a “family man” to his investors.

I’ve got no choice. I need his large, throbbing, perfectly proportionate…. kitchen to win a once-in-a-lifetime recipe contest! How bad can it be?

Well… I just walked in on his six pack, wet and dripping after a shower…

And now he’s rolling up his sleeves and cracking eggs for me, as my very own arrogant sous-chef. What’s worse is how he sees the fake cheerfulness I show the rest of the world and demanding to know the real me.

I can’t open up and risk my heart. Especially when everyone keeps saying he’s a ruthless liar, just buttering me and my cake pans up for his business deal.

What’s happening between us can’t be real, right?



Book cover of Jasmin the Unexpected


As Hollywood’s biggest movie producer, I boss everyone around…
Except her. The too sassy artist hired to paint my mansion. And now she’s moved in.


Does paint come off Hugo Boss? I’m asking because I just spilled some on my boss, the insufferably gorgeous Will Bennet!


Book cover of Priya and the Rebellion

I will never see Jaghr Bains again.

,That was the promise I, Priya Sidhu, made to myself on the worst night of my life. When I left everything behind.

Seven years later, a water pipe bursts in her salon. And the only contractor I can afford is…

You guessed it.


He’s more gorgeous than I remembered.


Book cover Gurpreet and the Wrong Twin

Have you ever sucked at dating so much that you wonder if you’re the problem?

I live for rom-coms, keep swiping right on dating apps and…yet I’ve been single forever!

Or maybe not.

I think I’ve met the one, but I have no idea how to be in a relationship. So what’s my genius plan? Recruit Bik Grewal—his ruggedly attractive and very grumpy brother.

What could possibly go wrong with that plan?


Book cover for Tina the Wallflower

Life feels plain and adventure seems hopeless for soft-spoken Tina… until she meets Gabriel. The President of the Blackhawk Riders.

Now she’s on the back of his Harley and lying to her friends and family about it. 

This is wild. Irresponsible. Dangerous.

And the most alive she’s ever felt.

But how can these two incredibly different worlds ever really come together?


Book cover of Raman's Love List

After her divorce, there is no way Raman Shergill is getting into a relationship again.

Just to be sure, she’s made a Love List.

A notebook of requirements she needs to check off for romance. No one is going to meet them all, but that’s not a problem.

Enter Rhett with his leather jacket, steely green eyes, and charming smirk.

An image of Sookh Kaur


Originally born and raised in Calgary, I’ve moved around the world a lot — recently settling in Vancouver. 

During the day I work in product management and design. At night, I’m fighting evil by moonlight. Er, more like watching Sailor Moon, and writing romances about complex POC heroines!

When you read Sookh Kaur, South Asian women aren’t side characters. We are the main characters. Living our best lives, empowered, and full of nuances. 

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ebook cover

It started with a few emails. Harmless flirting.

My freelancer contract was coming to an end, anyways. And I thought he was a manager.


Clint Devaros is the CEO of PushBack.

Too bad I’m getting set up by my concerned Indian parents. I’m divorced, and they want me to re-marry: a responsible, middle-aged accountant.

Not fall for an appallingly gorgeous tech mogul who happens to remember every little thing I emailed him…

Back when we were still strangers over the internet.


Clint Devaros is knocking on my door.

I’ve got a choice to make.

Play it safe or risk my badly burned heart again?

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